Business Litigation

Commercial litigation can involve virtually any dispute between one business and another, or between owners of a business. The vast majority of business disputes are settled outright, or via mediation. It is therefore important to have competent and experienced representation to navigate the requirements and procedures necessary to reach a favorable result.

Anderson Business Law has decades of experience in business disputes involving:

  • breach of contract
  • unfair competition
  • unfair business practices
  • copyright infringement
  • trademark and trade dress infringement
  • breach of warranty
  • breach of promissory note
  • breach of guaranty
  • breach of real estate agreement
  • partnership disputes
  • breach of shareholder agreements
  • failure to pay invoices
  • fraud & misrepresentation
  • failure to pay invoices/contract obligations

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David M. Anderson

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A nationally published author and speaker on topics covering business law, litigation and deals, David has successfully represented business owners in deals and disputes, including litigation in Minnesota and federal courts, since 1981.

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