Need to Refer your Client with Confidence?

When a client presents a case which requires expertise outside of your primary practice areas, it is important that you can confidently refer to an attorney who has the experience and skills to professionally handle the matter.

The choice you make directly reflects on your good judgment and quality of your network. At Anderson Business Law, a substantial number of cases we handle are direct referrals from other Attorneys in Minnesota and other states.

Here are some of the many reasons why:

Expertise and Experience.

David Anderson has been successfully representing business owners in contracts, deals and disputes, including litigation in Minnesota and federal courts, since 1981.

His experience as a business owner and leader in the business community directly translates to expert representation and business knowledge critical to the successful management and advocacy business owners require and demand.

Connected in the Business and Legal Community.

For decades, David Anderson has been a leader in the business community, including active membership in chambers of commerce, board representation in business and non-profit organizations, and close ties with business owners and their professional advisors.

Call, email or text David today for a consultation:

Business owners demand high level accessibility and responsiveness. David Anderson provides unparalleled access and speed of response time. 952.200.2460

Practice Areas

  • Business litigation
  • Commercial collections
  • Shareholder/partner disputes
  • Contracts/leases
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Buying & selling businesses